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Even with a variety of developments in commerce and information sharing, trucking remains an important part of the backbone of the American economy. No matter how goods are bought and sold, they still need to be delivered. If you own or operate a trucking service, that delivery can be an excellent way to make a reliable living.

Unfortunately, if you don’t stay ahead of the maintenance curve, that living might become more challenging. Staying ahead of potential breakdowns can help guarantee you stay on the road and avoid expensive overhauls that can eat into your time as much as your profits.

Below, you’ll find a guide to some signs you should be aware of that might signal a need for maintenance for your truck. Vigilance is an important tool in the fight against wear and tear, but it’s only an effective tool if you have a solid idea of what you need to be looking out for.



Changing elevations and terrains can put immense strain on your engine, but if it’s well maintained, it should be able to handle the stress. Proper shifting is the best way to guarantee a smooth ride, but if that becomes a difficult task, it might be a sign of a serious problem.


Experience and feel can go a long way toward a clean shift, but if those begin to fail you, it might be time for a service call.

If your truck’s transmission fails, it can leave you entirely out of service. When you feel hesitation or sluggishness, it’s an important time to check for other related warning signs. Leaking fluid can be another reliable indicator, so it’s important to check under your engine block for any pools of liquid that don’t belong. Most importantly, be willing to trust your instincts and act conservatively to be sure you’re not left dealing with a sudden problem.


When you’re in an environment nearly every day, the standard ambient noise tends to fade into the background. Driving a truck is no different; road sounds blend with engine sounds, and together they create a cacophony that many people find to be oddly comforting. The upside to that comfort, of course, is that when something changes, you’re likely to be immediately aware of it.

As mentioned above, trusting your instincts is an important part of maintaining the truck. If you hear sounds that seem unusual, they may be a warning that something needs to be adjusted. Even quiet rumbles or high pitched whines can be due to a pending mechanical issue, so making sure to take note of any changes and report them to your service provider can go a long way toward diagnosing problems that may otherwise be difficult to spot.


Perhaps the most obvious sign of a pending problem is one that many drivers may be conditioned to ignore. The warning signs and lights on your truck’s dashboard aren’t merely there in an advisory capacity, but rather to suggest that you take corrective actions as soon as possible.

If warning lights illuminate inside your truck, it’s important to head in for an immediate service assessment. Modern onboard computers have delicate sensors which can immediately pick up on the slightest clue of a pending issue, so trusting the technology is the best thing you can do to guarantee responsible ownership.

The professionals at S&T Truck Repair can diagnose your issues and provide you with all of the necessary services to get you back on the road and working as quickly as possible. Professional service and valuable experience are important tools to make sure you have in your arsenal in the fight against wear and tear.