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Cat trucks are one of the most common brands for medium and heavy-duty trucking. If you happen to have an issue with one of these vehicles, you should seek out a provider who specializes in Caterpillar engine service. Luckily, that’s exactly what S & T Truck Repair provides to clients in the greater Portland area. We offer repair, maintenance and service, as well as overhauls for Cat truck and trailer models of all kinds.

These engines are unique in several ways: (1) There is a second life built into each Caterpillar Truck engine, and rebuilding these engines can achieve emissions and performance standards equal to a new engine without the same cost. (2) A remanufactured CAT engine can reduce the time required for an overhaul.

CUMMINGS TRUCK ENGINE SERVICE IN PORTLAND. Cummins engines are known for their durability, quality and stamina. In addition to being commonly featured in tractor trailer and semi-truck models, they are often seen in SUVs and other powerful vehicles on the highway. If your 18-wheeler contains one, finding specialized Cummins engine service may be a challenge, but S & T Truck Repair offers service, overhauls and repair for Cummins models. Their high horsepower capacity allows them to withstand considerable wear and tear, but it is still necessary to invest in regular maintenance for your engine and the rest of your 18-wheeler fleet.

Some of the routine services we provide for Cummins engines include the following: oil changes, air compressor repairs, electronic diagnostics, water pump replacement, fuel system maintenance, repair for injectors and turbos, and filter replacement.

DETROIT ENGINE SERVICE IN PORTLAND. Detroit makes engines that range in capacity from medium and heavy duty to extreme duty capabilities. Their diesel fuel and superior manufacturing have made them a favorite among truckers, and it’s easy to see why. If you drive a truck with one and find yourself in need of Detroit engine service, you should not trust the job to just anybody. Repair should be done by a specialist like those found on staff at S & T Truck Repair. We offer maintenance, overhauls and general repair for Detroit engines in any 18-wheeler or tractor trailer.

Many truckers make the mistake of thinking that they can perform the repairs needed when an issue arises with their engine. Though you might be mechanically inclined, each engine is different, and if you are driving a Detroit, you should invest in specialized Detroit engine service.

If the engine in your semi-truck appears to need attention, you can bring it to us for the following services: changing plugs, checking service light, performing electronic diagnostics, fixing leaks, engine tuneups, cleaning or replacing filters, and any other maintenance or immediate repair need your Detroit engine might be facing.

INTERNATIONAL ENGINE SERVICE IN PORTLAND. Like other branded engines, International engines are uniquely made and thus require specialized service if they need repair. S & T Truck Repair offers this as well as overhauls and general maintenance for any engine make you may have inside your 18-wheeler. Our specialized International engine service routine is tailored to the unique needs of an International engine, so you can be sure that your truck and trailer will be well taken care of when you bring them to us. We provide general tractor trailer and semi-truck mechanical service to clients throughout the greater Portland area, and we also specialize in fleet maintenance to ensure that every truck on your team is ready to hit the road.

International brand engines are some of the toughest you will find on the road. They are likely to endure excessive wear and countless miles, but like any engine, they will need maintenance and repair periodically. Some of the services included in our maintenance and repair offerings are the following: inspection of all major systems, hydraulic repair or replacement, replacing lights as necessary, repairing brakes and replacing brake pads, engine conversion, and transmission repair and replacement.


CAT, Cummins, Detroit, and International are of some of the top manufacturers of engines used in medium and heavy duty trucks: which is a major reason why we specialize in repairing and replacing them. We offer all of our truck and trailer services you may need, regardless of the manufacturer of your truck or engine.

All of our services focus on providing efficient and effective resolutions to common problems so that you can get back on the road and get your truck running smoothly again as soon as possible.

We have the resources to service a single truck or your entire fleet, so no matter what the scope of your need is, we can help. Our skilled technicians can handle all major truck and engine brands.


If you regularly pass through Hillsboro, Wilsonville, Salem and Clackamas, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington contact S&T Truck Repair whenever your tractor trailer is in need of service. With our location in the greater Portland area, we’re also convenient to Troutdale, Oregon. Don’t put yourself at risk by operating an 18-wheeler with mechanical problems. There are experienced truck mechanics in your area ready to help you get back up and running.

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