About S&T Truck Repair

We started this business back in 2000 – and after 20 years of business, we know it’s because of Shane Molinari and his team of trained truck mechanics that we have a reputation in the industry of providing the highest quality products and services possible in truck repair across Portland and Vancouver, WA.

It’s not by accident: it’s through hard work and unparalleled expertise, every single day.

Our mission at S&T Truck Repair is to offer our drivers the latest in parts and products for their vehicles, and ensuring that each and every single item we offer is high-quality and available for the best possible price.

We treat all of our customers with fast, efficient truck repair service at reasonable rates.

To schedule an appointment for 18-wheeler maintenance or learn more about our licensed and bonded shops, call us today at (360) 518-1482.

18-Wheeler Repair