Engine, Transmission, and Brakes For Trucks


Diesel engines provide tractor trailers with plenty of power to haul heavy loads, but all of that hard work can take its toll on hundreds of moving parts. If you drive an 18-wheeler for a living, you need your vehicle running smoothly when you get on the highway, which is why you need an experienced mechanic whenever there’s an issue with your motor.

Portland drivers have trusted S&T Truck Repair for a full lineup of service options since 2000, and we can get to the bottom of any mechanical issue. Call us about your vehicle so we can get started.

TRANSMISSION SERVICE FOR YOUR TRACTOR TRAILER. While truck engine repair deals with the vehicle’s actual motor, there are other components under the hood that could need attention. If you’re experiencing gears that don’t engage on time or grinding noises when you drive, the culprit could be your transmission. Our technicians use sophisticated equipment to diagnose the problem so your semi-truck can regain its smooth shifting.

ENSURE SAFETY WITH REGULAR BRAKE INSPECTIONS. No matter if you own one truck and trailer or an entire fleet of vehicles, brakes are the most important safety component on any automobile. While normal passenger vehicles use a hydraulic braking system, big rigs rely on compressed air to stop momentum. With such a complex brake design, you should only have a specialized mechanic perform maintenance or repairs.


If you regularly pass through Hillsboro, Wilsonville, Salem and Clackamas, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington contact S&T Truck Repair whenever your tractor trailer is in need of service. With our location in the greater Portland area, we’re also convenient to Troutdale, Oregon. Don’t put yourself at risk by operating an 18-wheeler with mechanical problems. There are experienced truck mechanics in your area ready to help you get back up and running.

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